Apr 15, 2016 09:59 AM EDT
Ford GT Implements Order Banks, Access To 500 Cars Affirmed?

It appears that Ford GT is implementing a new strategy to keep up with the momentum. By initiating the order banks, access to 500 cars is easily attained.

Car and Driver reported that opening of its order banks, and how Ford would only limit the production of its supercar to 250 and add another 250 for next year. Pre-orders for the said car will be from April 13 to May 12. 

In addition, the order process would render forth access to 500 cars and with that at bay, Ford GT expects to bring in a new era of marketing and trade for its company. All the more, buyers with approved applications would be given the chance to work alongside new Ford GT Concierge Service in order to complete the transaction.

Despite the limited options and pricing details, the new scheme is forecast to initiate growth and higher revenues for Ford GT. Forbes revealed how car enthusiasts and Ford loyalists have been eagerly awaiting new developments and enhancements for its car series. Ford would be allocating the new 2017 Ford GT, and fans of the supercar have been waiting with bated breath for the chance to apply for ownership, and yesterday the application process went live, as reported by the same post.

It is undeniable that much awareness has brought forth consumers' interest and in turn paves the way for the new 2017 Ford GT to enter the market with ease and supremacy.

In terms of features, built and style, the forthcoming 2017 Ford GT is forecast to endow fresh innovations and designs. It is anticipated to render new colors, strong throttle and augmented engines and technological enhancements.

It goes without saying that the 2017 Ford GT is car that shouts dominion and sophistication. All the more, Ford's business history has always marked itself as one of the biggest carmakers in the world.



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